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Served by Mr.Matthew...great staff. Fast and efficient service. This company really listen to your issues and will help accordingly. Solved all my issues. Thank You.
Shaez Sharrif
The were extremely professional in handling my needs. Hassle free and very comfortable when dealing. Highly recommended!
Sn W
Read the review and came, the service was top-notch and the staffs was very patient to answer all my queries. Very clear cut explanation on borrowing issue. Overall good experience and get what my expectation. Highly recommend.
Marie Turingan
I been loan with them few time. Always make payment on time no problem to re-loan again when u in need of money. Their staff very friendly.
Sasuke Joseph
Have been with fast money for months. Never had issue with any transactions, all staffs are friendly and helpful. You wont feel that they are trying to get ur money, you will only feel that they are trying to help. Reliable and trusted moneylender! Thank you.
Yunnieysha Choichoi
Fast and reliable Customers service one of the good choices.
nice and friendly staff taking more extra time just to explain each and every detail of the loan even before consider taking up the loan.
thanks for the good service.
JayJay Huang
Efficient staffs and the approval were fast and smooth. Indeed, I get the cash instantly to settle my household bills. Really appreciate for your help to settle my urgent matter.
Lhyne Hinojales
Best installment plan offered! Loan officer is friendly and comfortable lending. Highly recommend for those with no experience from moneylenders, superb in contract explaining and understanding for borrowers!
Xinlong Toh

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Thousands of clients like yourself choose Fast Money for their most urgent cash needs. Here’s why.

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Applying for a loan in Singapore is easy with us. We offer our services to Singaporeans, PRs, and foreigners. Our loans come with some of the lowest interest rates in the region and also flexible repayment periods. We are reasonable, and will make arrangements to provide you with a flexible repayment period that meets your financial requirements.

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Fast Money is fully licensed with all Singapore laws and regulations. We follow the industry’s best practices, and strictly adhere to the latest requirements laid out by the authorities.

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Permanent Resident

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*A valid Singaporean Employment Pass

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Minimum 21 years of age

Full-time employed

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