Some things to think about.

As much as we’d like to get started, shouldering a loan is a huge responsibility. Here are some things to think about before you confirm your decision.

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Before taking up a loan.

Before borrowing funds, there are some mental checks and questions you need to ask yourself.

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Do you need a loan in the first place?

You need to consider some factors before taking a loan, including your family. Taking a loan is a huge responsibility, therefore you have to think through it thoroughly. Borrow only when you need to, and when you have carefully considered how it may affect you.

Will you be able to service this loan?

Before taking a loan, consider all your other expenses, such as your car monthly instalments, transport expenses, food, child’s education etc. The best way is to write down all your expenses on a piece of paper and do the necessary calculations. Apply for a loan only when you are sure that you have the ability to repay the loan.

If you're considering a loan

For the best loan outcomes, follow these simple steps.

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Is the moneylender legally licensed?

Please check the authenticity of the moneylender that you intend to loan from. You can do so by checking the list of approved MoneyLenders in Singapore. This is to safeguard yourself from making a loan with an illegal money lender company or one that uses a fake license. FastMoney is a fully-licensed moneylender.

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Do you understand your loan terms and conditions?

Read through the terms & conditions of your loan and understand clearly before making a decision to sign the document. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary fees which might sometimes be hidden in the fine print. Taking a loan with Fast Money allows you to have ease of mind. We will clearly inform the borrower our terms and conditions and give them some time to decide if whether taking a loan is necessary.

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Avoid multiple sources of credit.

Avoid taking loans from many different creditors. This will prevent you from getting confused with the different creditor policies, date for repayments and charges.

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After getting your loan.

Congratulations, you got your loan! Now what?

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Pay your loan promptly to avoid late payment fees.

Make sure you repay your loan promptly to avoid late payment fees as this is an unnecessary expense.

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