Most people will at some point in their lives need a little bit of additional help at short notice. Whether it’s for medical or dental bills, car repairs or to replace a much-needed tool or piece of equipment, more likely than not everyone is going to need a bit of extra capital to get over a bump in the road or to jump at a once-in-a-while opportunity.

Fortunately, Singapore offers a huge number of choices for borrowers in search of a lender. While you could go to a bank, the majority of people are better served by the range of loan products on offer at a moneylender. The convenience, speed and adaptability of the loan process at a moneylender are tough to beat. Read on to find out why.

Simple application procedure

Moneylenders make it simple and easy for everyone to get the capital they need. By and large, the application process for a loan with a moneylender is going to faster, simpler and easier than that with a bank. You won’t be filling in multiple documents in triplicate just to have a discussion with a consultant. In many cases, the application process for a loan can be initiated online, then completed in person at the moneylender’s office.

Fast turnaround

After an offer for a loan has been made and you have accepted it, you won’t be waiting for weeks for your money. Being smaller organisations, moneylenders can deliver the kind of agility that people living in the 21st century can appreciate. Whether it’s a loan for a few hundred dollars or for several thousand, expect prompt delivery of your funds. In most cases, you’ll have the money within a couple of days, sometimes within 24 hours, meaning paying for time-sensitive things like getting your car ready for your next commute is simple and easy.

Flexible loan terms and conditions

In the same way, the small size and agility of the moneylender allows them to provide a tailored service to their clients. Borrowers will be able to work closely with the loan consultant on the terms and conditions of their loan, and may be able to get a loan product that better suits their goals and requirements.

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