When we talk of a line of credit (LOC) in Singapore, it refers to a pre-agreed borrowing limit which can be used as and when you require it. It offers fast credit and is usually offered by banks or other reliable money lenders in Singapore. The credit is generally available for a set amount of time without review, assuming that the borrower meets all their obligations. There are different forms of LOC, including:

  • A Personal Line of Credit
  • A Home Line of Credit
  • Business Line of Credit

How Does a LOC Work?

Regardless of its purpose, a LOC is a fixed amount of money that is available when required. It can be paid back and used again if needed. Criteria regarding the loan will be detailed by the lender, including the term, levels of interest and the amount of credit available. They can either be secured against some form of collateral such a home or another asset. Alternatively, they can be unsecured, which are typically more expensive.

The Benefits of a LOC

A LOC is different from a conventional loan and for this reason, they are an incredibly attractive form of fast credit in Singapore. If you use reliable money lenders in Singapore, you will receive the following advantages:


Arguably the main advantage with a LOC is the flexibility that they offer. A certain amount will be available to the individual or business that can be called upon at any time. When the borrower requires more, they can borrow more and make repayments when their cash flow improves. Repayments are flexible and not fixed, which is a huge benefit.

Higher Credit Limits

Reliable money lenders in Singapore are often more comfortable making more credit available with a LOC as opposed to a regular loan. The access to more money if and when required will naturally bring a certain degree of comfort for borrowers.


Once the amount has been agreed, funds are available in a short period of time, often instantly. The immediate availability of money can provide peace of mind for borrowers and give a much need safety net if bills need to be paid or an unexpected expense arises.


As the money can be repaid and borrowed as required, the interest is only payable on the outstanding amount. It is something that can significantly reduce the cost for many businesses that do not often need to call upon their LOC. It is a massive benefit when it comes to comparing a standard loan against a line of credit.

Fast Money’s Services

Here at Fast Money, we provide fast credit in Singapore and offer an extensive range of service to Singaporeans and foreigners. We provide reliable LOC, personal loans, car loans and business loans at low rates of interest. The entire process, from application to receiving the money in your account, can usually be completed within 48 hours. We give you the peace of mind and security that you, your family or business needs.