Fast money has proved to many doubting Thomas that getting the loan from them can be pretty easy and fast. They have been able to puncture the lie that accessing money is a difficult task that takes a lengthy process to achieve. With the concept that they have introduced into the money lending notch in Singapore, it is now possible for the foreigner who is resident in Singapore to access the loan without many bottlenecks. So, what must a foreigner do to access these Urgent Loans?

We have put together all the documents that a foreigner needs to access the loan. If you are armed with all the documents that we have listed below, then getting the loan will be like a stroll through a motor park. You will not experience any delay; your application is sure to sail through. Now let us look at the conditions that you must fulfill to get access to the loan:

Original Valid Employment Pass

You will be requested to present the originals of your employment pass. One thing is this, they want to be sure that you are legally employed. Further, this document is needed to show that you are not an illegal alien living in Singapore.

Original Passport

Your original passport will also be required as further proof that you have a business staying in the country. The passport will state clearly your status in the country. If you are there to work, then you will pass the condition for the loan. But if you are for a short visit or a vacation, you will not be able to access the loans. You have to show evidence that you are in the country to work; that your stay will be for a long period of time.

Tenancy Agreement for your rental Premise, PUB Bill or Handphone Bill

Your tenancy agreement for your apartment where you are staying will be demanded. This is to prove that you are have been living in the country for some period of time. Only resident tenants can access the loan. Your PUB Bill/Handphone Bill will also be required all in the bid to prove that you are have actually been staying the country for the length of time that you claimed in the form that you filled. All this information must tally with what you filled in the document that was given to you.

Appointment Letter from your Company

They want to be sure that you are truly gainfully employed in Singapore. A prove of this will be demanded through your appointment letter. Failure to produce this document will lead to automatic disqualification.

Latest 3 Months Payslip

How consistent is your income? You will be asked this in the form that you filled. As a proof of your claims, your pay slip for three months will be demanded. This is the case because they want to be sure that you are truly gainfully employed on one hand; and more importantly, they want to know if your income is steady. If the income is not steady, then repayment will be an issue and you will not be granted the loan.

Bank Statement – For proof of your company crediting your salary

Your bank statement will also be requested as a final check and balance measure as a condition of getting the Urgent Loans. This is so to ensure that your pay slip is a legal tender. If the amount on your pay slip fails to tally with your bank statement, then you will face automatic disqualification. All the items must agree together as a matter of fact.


If you can present all the documents listed above and it was verified to be correct, you can be sure of getting the loan from this lender. They are authentic and registered with the regulatory bodies in the country. Once you are able to fulfill your part, they will reciprocate by fulling their own part of the bargain. The process is very easy.