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Why Choose Fast Money

With Fast Money, you are confident that when you apply for an instant cash loan, we are here to provide you with one of the lowest interest rate personal loan in Singapore. With us, you are certain that interest rates are specific, maintained, and explained just like how it appears in the contract when you applied and signed for the loan. Unlike when illegal money lenders offer you a fast cash loan, interest rates tend to change during the whole term of the loan. Doing such is illegal and is an act of exploiting your condition for their own profit.

  • Low interest rate. With the one of the lowest interest rate personal loan in Singapore that Fast Money offers, whatever struggles you have financially will be taken care of. Nowadays, people are in really great need of fast money to afford and meet the expenses of what modern way of living requires us to have, which is why Fast Money is here for you.
  • Professional team. With the professional team that we have, we assure you that we can offer you the best, fast, hassle-free, professional and efficient service for one of the lowest interest rate personal loan in Singapore. All you have to do is apply either online or personal and provide us with the needed documents and our team of professionals will verify if you meet the requirements for your loan approval.
  • Easy processing. Such loan process will take you no longer than 48 hours. Five minutes for filling up the application form and the rest of the working hours will be the period of waiting for our representative to call if your loan has been approved.
  • Personal loan for foreigners. As a licensed money lender, Fast Money offers the one of the lowest interest rate personal loan in Singaporeto citizens of the country as well as to foreigners working in the country with payment options that won’t hurt the flow of your monthly income and are pocket-friendly.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have queries regarding loan interest rates that we offer. We assure you that these rates are one of the lowest in Singapore.

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