There have been tons of debates about whether or not millennials are bad with managing their cash.
While some believe millennials in Singapore spend their money too frivolously, many forget that the
majority of millennials are young working adults who are making the leap between students to

This comes with many extra costs, and of course, hurdles as well! So instead of looking at millennials as
poor with money management, we should look at the available ways they can receive financial assistance
for their growing needs!

Wedding Loans

Any millennial who’s taken a look at their Facebook feed lately can vouch for this–we’ve
officially entered the age of weddings. Of course, it’s a happy and celebratory time, but we can’t
forget that weddings in Singapore do not come cheap!

That’s why many couples struggle with this extra expenditure that can come up to hundreds of
thousands of dollars, depending on the scale of your celebration! With that, wedding loans have
become increasingly popular in Singapore as a way for young couples to finance the wedding of their dreams.

A wedding loan can help finance any part of your wedding, form photoshoots to banquets, and
even your bridesmaid and groomsmen’s outfits for the special day. A good licensed money
lender will sit down with you to discuss the repayment terms with you so that you can also have
peace of mind during this special time, and not fret about how to pay off your loans!

Personal Loans

Personal loans are one of the most favoured loan types in Singapore, regardless of whether
you’re a millennial or not. This is because personal loans allow you to use the money you take
out, largely at your own discretion.

So whether it’s to make up for some costs on your new home renovations, fund your small
business or just to take a trip you’ve been meaning to go on, a personal loan makes this
extremely possible!

So if you’re a millennial that’s been looking to make a business dream a reality, or if you’ve
been stressed about how you’re going to afford that BTO you and your partner have applied for,
a personal loan in Singapore is exactly what you need.

The great thing about working with license money lenders is that we offer short processing
times for your loan application.

Payday Loans

With so many changes going on in your lives right now, it’s a no brainer that you’ll run into
instances where you’ll need urgent cash! When it comes down to this, you can opt for a payday loan–which as the name suggests, is good for tiding you over till your next paycheck.

The amount of money you get from these loans is significantly less than with personal loans, but
that’s because it’s only meant to make up a small difference in finances that you could be
lacking. You can get these loans almost immediately, which is the main pro to opting for a
payday loan.

It’s worth noting though, that interest rates of these loans are higher, so it’s most beneficial for
you to pay these loans off as soon as possible!

Best Loans in Singapore 2019

While many may argue that millennials are bad with money management, it’s only because they
might not know about the options available to them! So if you have any questions about getting
private loans in Singapore, or about how to lessen your financial burden, contact us now at
(+65) 62244746 (Yishun) and (+65) 62244749 (Tampines).