The need for instant cash loans has been getting more common in Singapore, possibly
because many Singaporeans are understanding that taking out a loan is a great reliable way to
get a set amount of emergency funds when they find themselves a little stuck with their

Typically cash loans are offered by the licensed moneylenders, banks and pawn shops. These
days, money lenders have created different solutions to cater to a rapidly expanding market. If
you compare the services of two moneylenders it is likely that they may overlap but typically
they offer different solutions to different clients.

The needs of an individual may vary and you could use these for purchasing a new TV or
paying towards your student loan. As we mentioned, the needs of an individual can vary and
you could do anything with these types of loans, which is what makes it so useful!
When we talk about needing cash urgently, we think of getting a small amount of loan from an
authorised moneylender. The best options in these cases are instant cash loans and fast cash
loans, but that raises the question, what’s the difference? We break it down for you so you can
figure out which one would be best for you!

Instant Loans

Instant loans are for a form of personal loan that’s often used in emergency situations like
needing to pay for unforeseen car repairs, or if you’re close to a deadline towards a payment
that you can’t make. This type of loan can ease your financial burden and worries quickly. You
can use this type of loan towards medical emergencies, business expenses, repairs and
renovations, and so on!

Fast Cash Loans

Fast loans can help you in life when you face a difficult situation that can only be solved by
cash. Typically, you can get your fast cash loan application processed within an hour, which is
what makes these loans so helpful for dire situations.

Fast cash loans are unsecured short-term small loans that give you quick access to money, so
you don’t need to have collateral or security for this type of loan. However, this quick
convenience comes with some setbacks, such as higher interest rates and smaller loan sums.
Both these types of loans provide you quick access to the money and one should apply for it
when the situation arises. In situations where we need money especially urgently, fast cash or
instant loans are some of the best and safest options out there. We strongly urge you not to
seek help from illegal money lenders, no matter the loan sum or interest rates they promise to
offer you!

Why need these type of loans

We understand that life can come with its financial ups and downs, and sometimes even
planning won’t cover all your bases! That’s where licensed money lenders come in to help you
fill in the gaps.

Whether you’re in need of cash urgently or are planning to take out a personal loan to fulfil a
payment you’ve foreseen, we always suggest talking to an experienced and licensed money
lender in Singapore before making any final decisions. So if you’ve still got questions regarding
your potential loans, give us a call at (+65) 62244746 (Yishun) or (+65) 62244749 (Tampines)