Singapore is renowned as one of the best countries to do business in Asia, topping the charts in multiple facets of business-friendly components; political stability, fair corporate tax rates and no taxes on capital gain, just to name a few. The process of setting up a company is easy, even simple almost. However, there are multiple challenges that every budding entrepreneur faces when it comes down to actually starting a business. Let’s take a look at some ways to address them!

Do your research

The worst thing you could do is to jump right into starting a business without doing any form of research. It’s a major recipe for disaster. This brings us to the main question: how do you even find the right field to start in? Your best bet would be to observe what’s already happening around you.

Is there any product or service that could use some drastic improvement? Do you see this change serving a major portion of the market? This concept of finding an unmet or underserviced need and filling it is simple to understand, but not simple to execute. Grit is key!

To develop a solid business plan, you’ll need to do some research on the strengths and weaknesses surrounding your idea, and the opportunities or threats you might face along the way.

Take action

Many businesses start out as dreams. Very few actually materialize due to analysis paralysis. As with all new business ventures, a great deal of planning is required and since it’s most likely going to be a new idea, you may have no clue exactly how much research you’d have to put in, how you’re going to test your product or service and who your final target market will be.

All these uncertainties start adding up and pretty soon you’re all burnt out from all the overthinking and the what ifs that you just give up on the idea completely. The key to avoiding this is to TAKE ACTION. You don’t have to perfect your plan, just make a well thought out choice and keep moving forward to your next step. Once you gain momentum, you’ll find that making well-informed decisions will get easier with time.

Raise Capital

A vital aspect of growing a business from the round-up is funding, and you cannot expect to constantly fall back on your own savings or venture capitalist money, because these things don’t last forever. Sure, there are grants, but only if you fulfil a specific criteria, and beat out other growing businesses who are competing for this sum as well. 

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If you’re not a local in Singapore but you still want to set up a business and need some extra cash to get started, it might be harder for you to get approval for a loan from financial institutions. 

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