There are times in all our lives when money can be a little tight, and urgent cash is needed. For example, you may need to get your car repaired or get leaking fridge fixed, situations that need to be resolved quickly and that require you to obtain fast cash in Singapore. The money can be repaid as soon as you get paid and can work like an advance on your salary, making it a convenient solution to your short-term financial needs.

What is a Fast Cash Loan?

A fast cash loan is, as the name would suggest, a way of getting access to cash quickly in Singapore. It is a way of getting a reasonable sum of money made available for you almost instantly and is usually used to pay for things that cost slightly more than your regular household bills. When urgent cash is needed in Singapore, licensed moneylenders such as Fast Money are set up to provide you with solutions that you need. All you need to do is complete a straightforward application form, and the money will be quickly available. A lot of the principles are the same as with a Payday loan, although with some minor differences that our experienced team can explain to you over a phone call.

Why Would You Need to Borrow Fast Cash, Even if You Have the Money? 

It is not uncommon for some people to need to borrow the money even if they have the money in savings or available on their credit card. For example, you may have daily limits on the amount that you can withdraw from the ATM that may not be sufficient for what you need. Another reason could be that the rates charged by your credit card company for a cash advance may be far higher than the rates charged by Fast Cash for a fast loan.

Key Points Regarding Fast Cash Loans

If a fast cash loan is something that you haven’t considered before because you’re seeking alternative sources of financing, it’s worth noting some of the characteristics of fast cash loans:

  1. Faster Processing of Cash Disbursement – after you have completed the straightforward application process and it has been accepted, the amount can be made available almost immediately.
  2. No Need For any Collateral – it is a simple and direct loan that requires no guarantee, making processing times almost instantaneous.
  3. Smaller Loan Sums – fast cash loans provide you with access to smaller amounts of money quickly.
  4. Higher Rates of Interest – as this would be regarded as a short-term loan, the levels of interest charged are higher than with other forms of personal loan.

Where To Get Fast Cash in Singapore

At Fast Money, we offer an uncomplicated fast cash loan service in Singapore. Our fast cash loans, payday loans or personal loans are affordable options to fund major purchases or to help fund unexpected costs at the end of a month. Please reach out to our team for more details on financing choices suitable for you.