If you are in dire need of cash to have your unpaid bills taken care of, or whatever important thing it is that you need money for, always opt for a licensed money lender in Singapore. A licensed money lender will uphold and protect you rather than exploit you just like what illegal money lenders do. Knowing that you are in desperate need of money and thinking that you got nobody else to run to, they’ll exploit such state to offer you loans with extreme interest rates for their own benefit.

Safe and Legal Loan Processing

This is why Fast Money is here to help you. Since Fast Money is a licensed money lender in Singapore, our company can offer you fast cash loans with definite low-cost interest rates right when you need it the most. Legality wise, our company is registered with the Registry of Moneylenders and is licensed to provide services to our clients in a fast, hassle-free, professional, and efficient manner. Singaporean or not, all you have to do is submit the needed requirements for our professional team to verify while we make the cash available for your fast convenience at the same time.

You are Guarded by the Ministry of Law

As a licensed money lender in Singapore, Fast Money is governed by guidelines set by the Ministry of Law in order to safeguard every of our client’s rights and interests. Your personal security as a loan borrower is our utmost concern besides providing you with instant cash loans when you need it, which is why we make use of the best available modern securing technology to keep your confidential information safe and private. With our professionals dedicated to providing the best service, Fast Money is the most excellent and highly – regarded licensed money lender in Singapore to provide you money whenever you need it and for whatever legal purpose it may serve.

How Long is the Loan Process

Loan processing with Fast Money is simple and easy. All loan applications, approval, and documents signing have to be carried out in our physical office. We will contact you the following day to come down and apply in person.

Payback options are considerate and flexible based on your monthly income. With us, you are guaranteed that your loan has no hidden fees and charges and there will definitely be no penalties when you pay your loan early. Except when you call for an extension of a payment plan when you can’t pay your loan on time, Fast Money will require you for an additional fee subject to the rules and regulations that will be fully known to you when you apply for a loan.

Being a licensed money lender in Singapore, Fast Money devotedly wants to lend you a helping hand. With us, you have a friend financially, quick to offer you the cash you need just in time when you require it. For more questions regarding the services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to call us at our main branch at (+65) 6224 4746 or our sub-branch at (+65) 6224 4749.