Have you ever experienced running out of cash and you still have bills to pay? It is during these dire moments that we need the help of cash loans. At Fast Money, we can provide you with instant cash loans for emergency situations. We’ve been there. And we know the feeling. And we know that you need help… immediately.

Apply Cash Loan Online

With advanced technology, you can now apply for a cash loan online any time of the day in our website. No application fees required, just choose your preferred outlet. Now if you are not approved for the cash loan, you can still reapply. Our team of experts will process your application and contact you when is the day to visit our office.

Loans Services

We, at Fast Money, offer different loans services that will suit your financial needs. Our loan services are flexible, quick, and easy. We make the repayment period flexible for you to repay the loan smooth and easy.

The application is very easy. Just fill up the form, provide your information, and send your application to us. Then our team will process the loan application and notify you immediately to get your fast cash. The loan services are for individuals and business owners. Here are the following loan services that you can apply:

  • Fast cash loan. When you need instant cash for your emergency situations.
  • Business loan. Your financial assistance provider for your business.
  • Payday loan. This is a cash advance loan. When your salary is delayed and unexpected expenses arise. The payday loan will be your solutions for those expenses.
  • Wedding loan. Wedding expenses can be stressful that’s why we, at Fast Money, provides a financial assistance for the wedding.
  • Line of credit. This is also a form of a payday loan. This will act as your temporary financial needs. That will help you to get fast cash to cover up your expenses. Then, when you get your paycheck, you can return the loan.
  • Instant Cash loan. This is perfect for those who need quick cash.
  • Foreigner loan. If you are a foreigner in Singapore who needs fast cash, this one for you.
  • Monthly loan. This is a one-time cash borrow at Fast Money in Singapore but the repayment as per schedule. The repayment plan is simple and very affordable, it doesn’t have collateral.

When it comes to financial assistance, we at Fast Money in Singapore provide you with a helping hand to solve your financial needs when emergency situations arise. We provide solutions to your cash problems and other financial needs.

Fast Money in Singapore is registered, legal and a trusted money lending company, offering the best loan services, highly competitive rates and fast cash loans. We, at Fast Money, offer our customers a peace of mind in terms of cash.