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Our low interest personal loan services are registered and fully abide with the regulations of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore. We ensure legal compliance with the rules laid down by the Ministry of Law. Our low interest personal loan does not exceed an interest rate of 4% per month. You can rest easy as the interest is only computed using each month’s outstanding balance, further lowering the amount of interest we are able to charge you. Additionally, we offer a flexible repayment schedule. Depending on your income flow and current finances, we can let you repay the loan in instalments over an extended period of time without feeling unnecessarily constrained by the payment. Furthermore, our loan approval process is far less stringent than that of a bank. If you have previously tried and failed to get a low interest personal loan from other sources, rest assured that it is much easier to get a loan from Fast Money. All we need are identification documents, a phone/electric bill, and proof of income. Filling out the application may only take five minutes, and it can be approved in hours, on the very same day. If you need fast money, look no further. Our process is highly streamlined to provide you a low interest personal loan as efficiently and simply as possible.

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