Life isn’t always smooth-sailing. The fact of the matter is, there will always come a time when you will require additional funds to compensate unforeseen expenses or tide over financial emergencies—it could be an outstanding credit card bill, or a medical situation that needs immediate attention. During such trying times when one might be hesitant to seek help from family or friends, a legal money lender is the fitting solution to help you sort out your financial crisis.

Skip the lengthy approvals at the bank with these methods of obtaining quick cash from a legal money lender:

Personal Loan

Mainly an unsecured loan, a personal loan does not require you to pledge assets like your car or house property. Because of their low interest rates, these loans are often preferred to make huge purchases or debt consolidation.

Instant Cash Loan

For flexible repayment terms and an instant approval, an instant cash loan is a prompt solution if you are short of cash for an emergency. Interest for both personal loan and instant cash loan are capped at 4% per month or 48% per annum. No difference.

Foreigner Loan

As the name implies, foreigners in Singapore are eligible for the foreigner loan which may come useful to cover relocation expenses (e.g. rent, utility, medical) while settling in, especially in a place like Singapore where there is a high cost of living.

Payday Loan

In the face of an unexpected emergency, a payday loan works best because it can be approved and acquired in a matter of hours. Also known as a cash advance loan, they are ideal when you are in a tight spot and you need to fulfil short-term requirements.

Fast Money offers professional assistance when it comes to money lending. If you have a pressing financial concern, do not hesitate to come to us for a consultation so we can advise you on your course of action. Let us provide you with an effective solution that meets your needs.