3 Questions to Ask When In Need of Fast Cash

There are instances when you find yourself in need of fast cash in Singapore to pay for necessary yet unforeseen expenses. It is comforting to know that no matter how trying the situation may be, you can depend on Fast Money for help.

Fast Money is the leading fast cash company in Singapore. It provides a loan at a reasonable rate which is made easier by quick transaction and processing. Fast Money is your dependable partner.

Before taking out a loan, here are some questions you need answers to in order to help you out:

How Much Do I Need?

It is important to know how much fast cash you need. To get a good grip on the number, factor in your current need, possible expenses in the succeeding days which your income or existing savings cannot cover, and other incidental expenses.

Examining your cash flow honestly will tell you just how much you have to borrow.

Can I Repay the Loan?

Your fast cash in Singapore need is one thing while the ability to repay is another. Borrowing money is not as simple as presenting how much you require given the circumstances. It is necessary that you have the ability to repay. Otherwise, this will play heavily on your credit standing.

How much do you earn at present? How much of what you earn goes to bills payment? Will allocating a certain amount of debt payment be possible? If I pay this much on a monthly basis for a period of time, will I still be able to pay for my necessities? These are but some of the considerations to take into account.

If you feel like you are strapped with your earnings, then you might want to consider getting a part-time work or add more working hours in your day.

Are My Documents Ready?

There are certain documents you need to submit to Fast Money if you need fast cash.

For Singaporean or SPR, all you have to provide are your NRIC and salary information. Salaried individuals should also submit their latest 3 months computerized monthly pay slip. If that is not available, an income tax statement or 15 months CPF statement will do. Meanwhile, self-employed individuals should submit their past two years income tax statements.

Foreigners may also avail of fast cash in Singapore. It only requires the following documents: original valid employment pass, original passport, tenancy agreement for the rental premise, phone bill or PUB bill, an appointment letter from the company, latest three months pay slip, and bank statement showing proof that the company is crediting your salary.

Do not stress over the things you can regain control over. Fast Money is here to assist you. Contact us or call (+65) 62244746 or (+65) 62244749 today!